Posted by: taichateau | July 15, 2008

Yum Yum! Japanese Dessert!

Nihongo no Dessert!

Nihongo no Dessert!

Screw Americain dessert. I’ll take Japanese Dessert any day!

There’s nothing better than good Asian food and Good Asian Dessert. And it won’t make you feel sick and sweaty after eating it, making you wonder if you are having a heart attack or if your body is just in overdrive trying to digest the food you just ate from McDonald’s screaming, “WHY MAN WHY!”

Now, this stuff above… “is the good stuff.”



  1. i was at winco yesterday buying groceries and I saw some of those rice/flower/sesame balls or candies, whatever the hell you were eating and thought of you. Then I skipped past them and bought DOUBLE STUF OREOS. jk. I bought fresh peaches. hahahaha. i miss you!

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