About Me

Writing, Reading, Experiancing, Debating, Good Food, Travel and Wine, Beer is always a must, Non-cheating women, Coffee, Martial Arts and attitudes, Basketball, Opinions… You get the idea.

Favorite Music:
I love you Dave Matthews. I want to have your baby. And we’ll name him/her Linkin Park Matthews. Shall there be a Creed to our love. Would Dave Jr. prefer Cold Play or Incubus? Let’s be Blunt, shall we James? Maroon 5 or Blue Merle, Fitzgerald or Dizzy, Sublime or Black Eyed Peas? Hell, we’ll feed him or her it all! But can we play some foreign stuff too Dave? Maybe Carla Bruni or Kyo?

Favorite TV Shows:
Three words and a comma for emphasis. Family Guy, Genius. Following words. T.V. generally sucks my will to live but Lost is pure Genius writing and I’ll stick with you guys. Never loose Faith John. And Chef Ramsey is pretty kick ass. But I contradict… TV sucks.

Favorite Movies:
Movies? Lord of the Rings meets Jaws… “I think we’re going to need a bigger boat.” I mean, how can you make such combinations without including the Invincible Black Knight? The Enchanter…Tim?… wouldn’t stand for it! Still we are all Cast Aways on a Vanilla Sky floating through the Mementos of our Big, Rounders meet Will Hunting world, this Rat Race battled with a lashing of Indiana’s wip propelling us to a Star Wars Rave where no one knows What Dreams May Come in this Jazz and liquored up Chicago. And this is only the beginning my kawaii neighbor Totoro who “Shines”… Some still Like it Hot

Favorite Books:
Blindness, Siddartha, The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes, L’Etrange, Dandelion Wine, War and Peace, Fahrenheit 451, Arabian Nights, Leap, Reading Lolita in Tehran, Moonfleet

Favorite Quotes:
“Science only takes us where the imagination has already been.” -Einstein

More About Me:
Ask me and I’ll tell you, or you could gather some info here on my page. That is why you are here isn’t it? Okay, I’ll give you something. I work hard and I go Travel. But who brags about themselves on things like this?


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